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The CBD Edibles Boom

cbd edibles

CBD Edibles: No matter your perspective on the marijuana and CBD industry, it won’t affect where the industry is headed. As states slowly legalize marijuana, and the industry begins to vastly expand, there won’t be much to hold back the massive expansion of it.

Despite the previous stigma surrounding the subject, that stigma seems to be entirely removed in the majority. Most people see nothing wrong with the consumption of the product, so why shouldn’t it become completely legal?

Outside of pure marijuana, CBD is an emerging and top-rated product that’s already legal in all 50 states. By now, you’ve most likely heard of CBD already. Whether you’re aware of it or not, virtually every town or city has somewhere that has a form of CBD available. Not to mention the endless number of online stores that offer similar matters. Either way, there’s a reason CBD has taken off so much.

Even without the FDA’s full support due to negligence, CBD is extremely popular for most day-to-day citizens. Considering this wasn’t reality not that long ago, how did CBD get to where it is today? More importantly, how are the current CBD regulations hurting it from getting to its full potential? No matter how you paint it, CBD still has a bit of a way to go before it can fully offer everything to its max.

Although CBD is legal in all 50 states, the FDA has technically only approved one CBD product, a prescription drug that treats rare severe forms of epilepsy. Despite the apparent benefits and legality of CBD, the FDA still deems it illegal to market CBD as a dietary supplement of any kind. Nonetheless, let’s discuss the matter more in-depth, analyze what this means, and move forward.

What is CBD, and How Does it Work?

cbd edibles

For those who don’t know, CBD, or cannabidiol, is a chemical compound derivative of the cannabinoid family that naturally occurs in the cannabis plant. It’s important to note that CBD doesn’t get you high since it doesn’t contain any THC in it. However, if you live in a state where marijuana is completely legal, it’s possible to purchase CBD with THC in it. Only do this if you’re looking to add that extra feeling, but standard CBD is beneficial in and of itself.

There are countless CBD delivery methods for actually going about taking it. Still, all of them carry an abundance of valuable benefits with them. People take CBD orally with CBD edibles, oil, gummies, pills, etc. Or they’ll take it through their nasal passages with natural nasal sprays, or by smoking/vaping it. Lastly, people take CBD through various CBD creams by rubbing it on their skin like a standard lotion of some kind.

No matter how a person goes about taking CBD, the number of benefits tied to the subject is indisputable. CBD helps relieve stress, anxiety, pain, headaches, bad skin, allergies, and countless others. As a broad generalization, CBD plays a decisive factor in someone’s life through a variety of means. No matter how you paint, it’s an extremely beneficial product.

Is CBD Legal?

cbd edibles

Yes, CBD is legal in all 50 states in the United States; however, there is a bit of a gray area attached to the notion. For the longest time, the US Drug Enforcement Administration treated all forms from the cannabis plant as a Schedule I drug. For those who are unaware of the matter, Schedule I drugs are deemed to have a high potential for abuse and offer no medical use.

Obviously, deeming anything in the marijuana world as Schedule I drug is ridiculous in and of itself, but luckily that changed in 2018. During this year, the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 legalized hemp, which deems all products that have less than 0.3% of THC in them to be completely legal.

Thus, if CBD comes from a hemp plant, it’s completely legal. Whereas, if it’s derivative of a cannabis plant, it’s still technically federally illegal. That’s the main explanation behind the CBD regulations. Although some states, fortunately enough, legalized the entire matter, which saves people the confusion surrounding the topic.

Why are CBD Edibles Booming?

cbd regulations

As stated earlier, CBD’s main reason has an immense amount of popularity behind it has to do with people’s love for the product. Love is a result of experiencing the vast amount of benefits tied to the product. Basically, if someone offers a versatile, affordable, and useful product for countless issues, how would it not start to boom? With or without the FDA’s full support, it’s not going to stop people from utilizing it.

For the most part, people aren’t clueless and know when something is beneficial for them. With the full-legality of CBD, people’s interest rose in the subject. As a result, people began to try the product. After they experienced the various benefits from it, they told friends and relatives about it. From there, and numerous other ways, CBD began to explode.

Outside of the pure forms related to CBD, CBD edibles are a hot topic for their accessibility. Although the FDA deems CBD’s addition to food to be illegal, this hasn’t stopped companies from creating various CBD edibles. Keep in mind that the only reason the FDA hasn’t fully backed it yet has to do with carelessness and how the United States is set up in the world of health.

Is CBD the Way of the Future?

cbd regulations

Although predicting the future of anything is practically impossible, it’s difficult to dismiss CBD’s vastness. Once marijuana is fully legal throughout the entire country, CBD will inevitably follow a similar path. The advancement in the field will be extremely beneficial to everyone involved in the matter, plus, new people who aren’t yet acquainted with the subject.


No matter how your own perception of CBD is, the boom surrounding the subject is difficult to ignore. It’s a continually growing field that’ll surely play a vital role in the grand scheme of health. Be sure to check out all of the CBD options available and see which one is best for you!