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Why Cannabis Edibles Are Creating a Buzz

chocolate edibles

cannabis ediblesIf you are here right now, you probably already read about Cannabis or in simpler words CBD edibles and their rise in the market. You see, there’s no doubt in the fact that the cannabis edibles are creating a buzz in the medicine industry at the moment because over the past few years, people have observed some of the best therapeutic results. But still there’s a question mark on the use of cannabis edibles because after every few months there’s this new research that comes out. To some people, cannabis is safe to use and it does come with a lot of benefits and some magical results. But to some, the use of cannabis edibles or other CBD products isn’t safe and there are doubts on it.


What’s The Hype About?

Despite the unclear status of this product, its market is growing at a skyrocket pace. Especially this year, a huge increase in the demand for cannabis edibles and especially chocolate edibles has been noticed. This edibles market is about to create an industry of $4.1 billion in the next three years and in 2020, it’s expected to grow to $22 billion.Yes, you read that right and the figures are shocking because the results are shocking.

What We Have To Say About It?

cannabis ediblesHonestly, as far as our suggestion is concerned, you should be using cannabis edibles and for a better taste, chocolate edibles in particular because till date the benefits outweigh the side effects (those that are assumed). If you make some search on this product, things might make a little sense to you because there are numerous benefits associated with cannabis. From treating diabetes to treating anxiety, depression, muscle pain and even epilepsy, this one product is making headlines with its benefits and the results are shocking.

The Possible Side Effects?

cannabis ediblesJust like other medicines that are used on a daily basis, cannabis edibles also come with a few. Like according to reports, this product can cause nausea, vomiting and you might even experience some stomach pain but again, no one can say that these side effects are confirmed. Research is yet being made on all of these side effects and the use of cannabis edibles so making a statement here would be wrong.

The Growth Of Cannabis Market

The growth seen this year in the cannabis industry is all because of the leniency given by the law. There was a time when strict laws were devised for the use of CBD products but now the law allows it, which is why companies have started adding cannabis in all of their products. From chocolate edibles to cannabis gummy bears, you will find it all in the market and this market is growing which means that yes, this product is successful with lesser risks (if any). We hope that soon some final research on this product comes out till then, cannabis edibles are totally safe to use!

How To Make Gummy Edibles

how to make gummy edibles

CBD ediblesSome people have this insatiable lust for candies and if you are here at the moment, chances are that you are also one of those people. In fact, it’s not only candies that you crave, in fact, you are lustful for the ones that are infused with cannabis in them. Well, if that’s the case then don’t worry because we are here with a solution for you.

You can now make your own CBD edibles and not just any, in fact, today we are here to tell you how to make gummy edibles.


It’s going to be a fun ride and the end result is going to be even better so stick with us till the end and we assure you that this is going to be the best and the most informative article that you’ll ever read.


Recipe: Green Tea, Cherry and CBD Gummy Bears


Here’s the recipe on how to make gummy edibles;


CBD ediblesThe time it will take you to make these CBD edibles is somewhat around 45 minutes. Now, you can at least take out 45 minutes out of your busy routine to make something as good as gummy edibles. The recipe we are going to put down in front of you, yields around 50 gummy bears and the dosage you need to follow is;

1mg THC per gummy bear & 5mg CBD*

(The potency can vary depending on the tincture that you have).




  • Saucepan
  • Condiment Bottle
  • Funnel
  • Measuring cup
  • Spatula
  • Whisk
  • Silicon gummy bear molds




  • ¾ cup tart cherry juice
  • ½ cup coconut water
  • 3 tablespoons creamed honey
  • ⅛ teaspoon Himalayan pink salt
  • 1 oz CBD tincture
  • 1 ½ tablespoons gelatin or agar-agar powder



The Process

CBD edibles

  • The first thing you need to do is to boil some coconut water in the saucepan and then steep green tea bags inside the water for around 10 minutes. Now compost the tea bags.
  • Now take the saucepan, add some honey, cherry juice and some salt inside the saucepan. Now stir all of the products, bring them to a boil then slow down the heat and let the mixture simmer.
  • Now you need to add the agar agar powder and keep mixing it for 3 to 4 minutes. You need to know that for some people the texture of agar agar is a little weird so you can always add gelatin instead.
  • Now, you have to add the desired amount of CBD tincture in the pan and whisk until you find it to be fully incorporated.
  • Turn the stove off and then take the condiment bottle and a funnel
  • Transfer the liquid in the bottle.
  • Now hold the bottle and squeeze the mixture out in the gummy bear molds.
  • Put the molds in the refrigerator for 15 minutes.
  • Enjoy your gummy bears or in other words CBD edibles!


This is the whole process you need to follow to make CBD edibles. So, if you have someone in your circle who wants to know how to make gummy edibles then share this recipe with him and enjoy these edibles together!

Best Colorado Edibles

cannabis edibles

Colorado is famous for some of the best edibles in the whole world. Especially during the holiday season, there are companies who produce limited edition holiday edibles so that people can blow off some stress and enjoy their vacations to the fullest. Now, if you are here at the moment then chances are that you are from Colorado and you want to know what edible options you have. Well, if that’s what you are here for, to know about what the companies in Colorado have to offer then read this article thoroughly.

In this article we are about to tell you some of the best edibles available in Colorado so take notes if you really want to enjoy having them.

1-Bhang Cherries and Cream Chocolate Bar
If we talk about some of the best Colorado edibles then it’s not possible for us to skip the bhang cherries and cream chocolate bar that’s made up of Venezuelan criollo cacao. This chocolate bar even won the best award in the year 2015 and since then it’s being used in Colorado all year long. The best part is that these edibles contain 180 mg of THC so if you are someone who wants cannabis edibles that are good for enjoying and for health purposes then yes, you should try this chocolate bar and you are going to love it!

2-Blue Kudu Polar Caps
colorado ediblesOn number 2 we have the Blue Kudu polar caps that created only 8000 bars in this season. These caps are made in layers and the top layer is made up of dark chocolate. Then comes this base layer of white chocolate and in the middle there’s this coating of peppermint that doubles up the taste of these Colorado edibles. It’s created from a family recipe that’s safe and you won’t ever taste something this amazing in Colorado. The bar contains 100 mg of THC and it makes a great cannabis edible!

3-Incredibles Winter Mint
On number 2 we have the Incredibles Winter Mint for you which is one of the most popular Colorado edibles till date. Smooth and silky white chocolate that’s combined with some of the best tasting white peppermint, this combination is the best to munch on when you are slightly hungry. The only issue is that Winter Mint is seasonal and it only comes out in the holiday season but honestly, every bite of it is worth your time! These bars also contain 100 mg of THC so they make some great cannabis edibles too.

These are some of the best Colorado edibles that we have for you today. There are a lot more in Colorado and we assure you that the ones we just mentioned above, you are going to love them all! They taste super amazing and they will give you the best feeling in the world once you start munching on them. So, without waiting any further just try any one of them and we assure you that you will love the

6 Tasty Cannabis Chocolates to Enjoy Right Now

While people have been consuming cannabis traditionally by smoking, edible cannabis has now become available in the market. Especially cannabis-infused chocolates have increased demand from the customers. These chocolates come with equally distributed dosages of THC or CBD or both. The edible cannabis may take longer for the body to process so you will have to be patient while consuming it. You can experience body high or head high, and both depend on the type of chocolate that you eat. These chocolates are only meant to help with stress, body pain, anxiety and depression. Avoid abusing the substance as an excess of nothing is good for our body.

Dixie Birthday Cake

This white chocolate bar is vanilla flavoured and sprinkled sugar and of course, infused cannabis. It delivers a dose of 8mg per square, which can give you a balanced high, not too strong and not too weak. It contains indica hybrid in it, and a half or one piece of chocolate is good enough to have a relaxed body while your mind can still work. Dixie has also tied up with One Tree Planted organisation to help in reforestation under its Go Green Initiative.

Defonce Chocolatier Extra Dark Chocolate

It is the best dark chocolate edible brand available. It has just the right dosage per triangle with 5 mg of THC. The effects will have a relaxed body and no “high” to keep you focused on your work. It might make you a little paranoid about eating two or more triangles. It will not give you the urge of eating any munchies. Apart from just being a cannabis edible, it maintains its taste for being dark chocolate. Defonce also produces other flavours for milk chocolates but are very well known for their gourmet stuff.

Mindy’s Dark Chocolate Almost Toffee

With a delicious, satisfying crunch, Mindy’s dark chocolate is a heavy dose of THC per bite. You can consume it after a tiring day to get a good sleep. It can get you really high, and it will be hard for you to focus on anything you do other than munchies and television. It is good for binge-watching a TV series at weekends. You can eat this chocolate continuously as the high stays only for an hour. If you can handle the paranoia, then this heavy 12.5mg per square can be the bite for you.


Kiva Confections Tangerine Dark Chocolate

Kiva makes the nicest and not too sweet cannabis-infused chocolates. Its dark chocolate with 5mg THC content can be really good for an active day to deal with all your stress.  It keeps your body relaxed and do not make your head high so that you can deal with people around you while you enjoy the dark taste and good THC content.

Somatik THC Chocolate Coffee Bean Sparks

If you are not into getting too used to THC and only want the good feeling from it, then Somatik chocolate has made chocolate for you with only a microdose to have it whenever you feel like without worrying about the place and time. It can help you ease your anxiety and stay active all day long. Somatik THC chocolate has only 3mg of THC content in it, which makes it suitable daily consumption cannabis edible.