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Our creators have spent an important part of the time from their lives to dedicate themselves into creating the best quality cannabis edibles of the highest artistry. From the best quality fruits and flavours, our chocolate collection will surprise you in more than one ways. Find the best chocolates and cakes from our bakery and take away what you like.

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6 Tasty Cannabis Chocolates to Enjoy Right Now

While people have been consuming cannabis traditionally by smoking, edible cannabis has now become available in the market. Especially cannabis-infused chocolates have increased demand from the customers. These chocolates come with equally distributed dosages of THC or CBD or both. The edible cannabis may take longer for the body to process so you will have to be patient while consuming it. You can experience body high or head high, and both depend on the type of chocolate that you eat. These chocolates are only meant to help with stress, body pain, anxiety and depression. Avoid abusing the substance as an excess of nothing is good for our body.

Dixie Birthday Cake

This white chocolate bar is vanilla flavoured and sprinkled sugar and of course, infused cannabis. It delivers a dose of 8mg per square, which can give you a balanced high, not too strong and not too weak. It contains indica hybrid in it, and a half or one piece of chocolate is good enough to have a relaxed body while your mind can still work. Dixie has also tied up with One Tree Planted organisation to help in reforestation under its Go Green Initiative.

Defonce Chocolatier Extra Dark Chocolate

It is the best dark chocolate edible brand available. It has just the right dosage per triangle with 5 mg of THC. The effects will have a relaxed body and no “high” to keep you focused on your work. It might make you a little paranoid about eating two or more triangles. It will not give you the urge of eating any munchies. Apart from just being a cannabis edible, it maintains its taste for being dark chocolate. Defonce also produces other flavours for milk chocolates but are very well known for their gourmet stuff.

Mindy’s Dark Chocolate Almost Toffee

With a delicious, satisfying crunch, Mindy’s dark chocolate is a heavy dose of THC per bite. You can consume it after a tiring day to get a good sleep. It can get you really high, and it will be hard for you to focus on anything you do other than munchies and television. It is good for binge-watching a TV series at weekends. You can eat this chocolate continuously as the high stays only for an hour. If you can handle the paranoia, then this heavy 12.5mg per square can be the bite for you.


Kiva Confections Tangerine Dark Chocolate

Kiva makes the nicest and not too sweet cannabis-infused chocolates. Its dark chocolate with 5mg THC content can be really good for an active day to deal with all your stress.  It keeps your body relaxed and do not make your head high so that you can deal with people around you while you enjoy the dark taste and good THC content.

Somatik THC Chocolate Coffee Bean Sparks

If you are not into getting too used to THC and only want the good feeling from it, then Somatik chocolate has made chocolate for you with only a microdose to have it whenever you feel like without worrying about the place and time. It can help you ease your anxiety and stay active all day long. Somatik THC chocolate has only 3mg of THC content in it, which makes it suitable daily consumption cannabis edible.