High Quality Cannabidiol Treats For Relief

CBD Edibles for Fatigue and Chronic Pain

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One of the best ways to get your daily dosage of CBD is through edibles.

They present several major benefits over other forms of CBD, which is what I’m going to explain below. The biggest benefits CBD edibles have over other types are as follows: measuring the dose, ease of use, and taste.

Convenience of Different CBD Oils

Some forms of CBD excel in some of those areas too, but no other form except capsules come close to the convenience of edibles. Keep reading to see which oils excel in which areas so you can make an educated purchasing decision.

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What Can CBD Edibles Do For Me?

Edibles cbd chocolateThese are the best when it comes to dosing. They’re even better than capsules. You probably think I’m crazy for saying they’re better than capsules, but I believe they are. I think they’re better than capsules because you can split them in half, or in any increment that you’d like. Capsules are a 1-trick pony. You can’t split a capsule in half. That would be very messy and you’d have no clue how much CBD you’re taking in. With edibles, you can eyeball it in half of pull out a kitchen scale and measure it if you want to be precise about it. Anything is possible with edibles. You can gradually increase or decrease your dose as need be. With syringes, you could do this in theory but in practice you’d be in for some complicated readings. Trying to do fractions with the notoriously unclear label on mass market syringes would not be fun. Some of them look like syringes, but they’re actually pens. They won’t let you change the measurement at all. You just click it once and it shoots out the same amount. None of the other methods can compete with the ease of use and measurement flexibility of edibles.

Syringes Oil syringes are notoriously hard to measure with. Nobody really remembers the lesson about measuring with such devices in high school chemistry. Just when I thought school was useless, I was proven wrong by my annoying little syringe. As stated above, syringes are also terrible for trying to do fractional measurements. It may be easy to do your first one, since you’re starting at an even number and long line on the syringe, but the subsequent ones can be incredible challenging. If you’re trying to measure 1.5 segments, that’s not too hard. But anything else can be very challenging. The taste of the pure oils can be pretty earthy. If you’re into the taste of cannabis mixed with chlorophyll, then you might like it. I don’t prefer the taste. It is a very green taste and it puts a lot of people off. Letting something you don’t like sit in your mouth can be too big of an obstacle for most people. It’s worth it if you can handle it, but some people can’t. The effects of pure oil are stronger so if you can handle it, go for it.

Tincture They are easer than syringes to measure with, but it’s not anywhere near an exact science. You have to shake the bottle to make sure the CBD gets mixed in evenly, then you have to hope you’re applying the proper force to get the perfect size drops. While they are pretty accurate, there’s still a lot of room for error. Also, doing fractional measurements is virtually impossible with a dropper bottle. Droppers are designed to give off a similar size drop every time. They’re not meant to do fractional drops. The drop size isn’t the exact same every time, but it’s close enough to be around the same effectiveness. Although there is some variance, you’d have a hard time splitting a dose in half. If you wan’t to split one in half, go with edibles or pure oil. Tincture drops can have a really strong flavor, but you can also buy flavored drops. The flavors can be really weird and earthy, like lavender and lemon grass. You can also find flavors like peppermint and orange. If you experiment enough, you’ll find one that doesn’t taste awful. Don’t bother with the unflavored bottles if you don’t like earthy things. None of these taste as good as edibles but they’re not that bad.

Capsules cbd capsulesPills are great for measuring your dose. It doesn’t get more accurate than capsules. Edibles and capsules are neck and neck as far as accuracy goes. The variance depends on the producer, so it’s hard to make a blanket statement about which one is better. If edibles aren’t your forte, capsules are something you might want to go with. The downside to capsules is that you can’t split them in half, or any increments. Trying to use 1.3x the recommended dose is something you just won’t be able to do with capsules. If you don’t use a standard dose, then capsules probably aren’t the best bet for you. You’ll waste a lot of money because you’ll be taking way more than you need. However, they are great for convenience and taste. Capsules are just as convenient as edibles minus the noise they make in your bag or pocket. You could easily put a few in a sandwich baggy and transport them with you wherever you go. You could do the same with edibles, of course. Edibles taste better, but capsules don’t have much taste at all. That’s great for people who aren’t looking to enjoy their CBD. If you don’t want to enjoy taking CBD oil and want a hassle-free experience, capsules are a safe buy. The main caveat is the fact that you won’t be able to split the dose.

Spray Up next on our list are the spray bottles that go under your tongue. They are pretty accurate. They’re a little thicker than the tinctures so you don’t have to worry as much about sedimentation. It’s still a good idea to shake it before you use it if that’s what the instructions say. If they don’t explicitly state it, then you don’t have to worry about shaking it. This is a good option if you don’t like edibles. Trying to split a does in half with CBD spray can be challenging, but at least it’s possible. With some of the other methods, it’s practically impossible. With the spray, you just have to try and apply less pressure. Don’t give it a normal size pump. Try to do a soft, half-pump and you’ll get a lot less oil. It’s not perfect, but it’s better than trying to split a capsule in half. Similarly to tinctures, you can also buy flavored sprays. They don’t taste as good as CBD edibles, but it’s still better than unflavored CBD oil.